Eurasia Expo 2021

Official catalogues

The exhibition book includes company information in Russian and English and advertisements and sponsorships of the sponsors.

This book will be distributed in print and its electronic copy will be submitted to the Ministries of Industry and Trade of the member countries, Chambers of Commerce of the five member countries and all members of their subcommittee as well as to the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Iran Chamber of Trade Unions, all unions and Iranian companies and eventually to the chambers of commerce of China, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon.

An Eurasian magazine will also be printed and distributed electronically at the same time at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

This magazine contains information and contact numbers of companies and their advertisements and descriptions of their resumes from the CEO.

This magazine should start with the interviews of the ministers of member countries and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade of Iran.