The persian gulf countries

Persian Gulf region with 140 million people from 8 countries; It consists of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and Bahrain, which accounts for 63% of the world’s oil reserves.
The Persian Gulf region is in charge of one of the most important responsibilities of the international system in terms of global energy supply.
In terms of geopolitics, the Persian Gulf is more associated with Southwest Asia than with the Middle East.
Two pipelines will be built from Central Asia and the Caucasus that will connect to the Persian Gulf, South Asia, and the European Union.

کشور های حاشیه خلیج فارس

It may be projected that these cooperations will result in ongoing and extended convergence between the Persian Gulf nations if cooperation among the countries of the region increases in the following areas.

1. Technical and specialized cooperation
2. Economic cooperation
3. Social, cultural, and scientific convergences
4. Political integration
5. Defense and security integration

In 2021, the Persian Gulf country’s trade volume with the rest of the world was 1,516 million dollars. Also, these countries trade with Iran in 2022 totaled $26.1 billion.