Eurasia Expo 2021

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Ministries support

This exhibition is supported by five ministries including:
  1. Iran's Ministry of Industry Mines and trade
  2. Iran's Ministry of Agricultural
  3. Iran's Foreign affairs Ministry
  4. Iran's Oil Ministry
  5. Iran's Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare
  6. Iran's Ministry of Energy
  7. Chamber of Cooperatives
  8. Chamber of Trade Unions.

This event is also being held with the permission of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization.

At the official invitation of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization, through the embassies of China, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Lebanon, the trade delegations along with the heads of chambers of commerce of these countries will participate in trade negotiations as visitors.

This exhibition will be held in the fields of agricultural products, food industry, nuts, handicrafts and carpets, machinery, technology, knowledge-based science, technical and engineering services, civil engineering and construction, petrochemical, oil and gas, logistics, medical equipment, medicinal plants and pharmaceuticals, Car and car spare parts as well as investment.

35 600+ visitors

From 40 countries including China, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Egypt, Serbia and some Latin American countries

Companies participation

Five important export companies from Eurasian Economic Union member countries will participate in the exhibition in the form of five pavilions

60+ Main Sponsor

30 Iranian companies along with other countries are considered exhibition sponsors.